New Sea Jay Trojan HT 550, 630,670 boat range for sale from Aussie Marine in Australia.

Sea Jay Aluminium Boats has elevated the state-of-the-art SAMURAI HULL to new heights with the TROJAN HT cabin boats, designed as true offshore fishing vessels with extended range capabilities. The latest generation SAMURAI HULL features a high tensile 5083 plate bottom, incorporating a high swept bow section, reverse chines, and capped keel for unparalleled performance.

The variable dead-rise on a wide body configuration ensures an optimal ride and stability, even at rest, making the TROJAN HT series ideal for serious off-shore fishing enthusiasts. The spacious lined cabin offers ample storage space for fishing and safety gear, with V berth bunks designed to accommodate even taller individuals.

If you're dedicated to offshore fishing, the TROJAN HT series, along with its smaller 5.5m Trojan counterpart, is tailor-made for you. Experience the ultimate in off-shore fishing prowess with Sea Jay;s Trojan HT series—it's time to take your fishing adventures to the next level!