New Sea Jay Stealth 458 boat range for sale from Aussie Marine in Australia. 

Designed with the passionate sports angler in mind, the Stealth delivers an exceptional fishing experience with its spacious elevated casting decks and ample storage space. The innovative Fish Deck Transom enhances functionality, providing a versatile platform for anglers of all skill levels.

With its wide body hull and high sides, the Stealth offers increased internal volume and stability, ensuring a comfortable and secure fishing experience. Whether you're exploring in-shore bays and estuaries or navigating freshwater rivers and lakes, the Stealth is perfectly suited for a variety of fishing environments.

From chasing bass to targeting barra and from Murray Cod to Mangrove Jack, the Stealth offers versatility and performance for a wide range of fishing applications.

Experience the thrill of angling with the Stealth and unlock new fishing adventures with ease.