New Seajay Nomad STD range 320, 350, 370, 385 and Seajay Nomad HS 350, 370, 385, 395, 418, 438 boat range from Aussie Marine in Australia.

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with Sea Jay's premium car topper range, the Nomad. Engineered with precision, the Nomad boasts a unique v-nose entry that effortlessly cuts through swell and chop, ensuring a smooth ride even in challenging waters. As the bottom flattens toward the transom, stability at rest is enhanced,providing you with peace of mind during your fishing excursions.

Designed for convenience, the smaller models feature a flat deck and handles positioned forward off the gunwales, making loading onto a roof rack, camper trailer, or caravan a breeze. This thoughtful design not only prevents snagging but also reduces the risk of damage to both your boat and racking system.

For those exploring the estuaries of the Top End, the Nomad HS with its 75mm higher sides offers added versatility and appeal. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a novice adventurer, the Sea Jay Nomad promises unparalleled performance and reliability for your next outdoor expedition.