New Sea Jay Magnum 2 range 408, 428, 440 and Magnum XPack2 408 - 600 boat range for sale  from Aussie Marine in Australia.

Introducing the new era Magnum, reimagined to meet the demands of modern times. Traditionally, a dinghy with two thwart seats was the standard requirement, but the Magnum2 represents a shift in design to cater to changing needs.

The Sea Jay Magnum2 features a robust construction with a 3mm bottom and 2.5mm plate sides as standard. While retaining the traditional two thwart seats, a part cast platform is now fitted off the front thwart seat, offering added functionality. An anchor well with a drain, located on the front deck, provides practical storage for anchoring equipment.

Inside, a wide ¾ floor positioned between the seats, along with a carpeted tank rack behind the rear thwart, maximizes storage and convenience. Additional features include a rear step and rail on the port side for easy boarding, as well as front and rear rails for added safety and functionality.

Recognising the need for electronics in modern boating, a switch panel plate is included to accommodate electronic devices. For those seeking even more features and options, the MAGNUM 2 XPACK range offers additional customisation possibilities. Explore the versatility and practicality of the Magnum2 for your boating adventures, whether big or small.