The Billfisher V510C BMT package appears to be a comprehensive offering tailored for fishing enthusiasts. Here's what each option entails:

  1. 510 C/C with 90Hp CT plus single axle alloy trailer: This includes the Billfisher V510C boat equipped with a 90 horsepower CT (counter-rotating) engine, along with a single axle alloy trailer for transportation.

  2. Front casting platform plus storage: Provides a dedicated area at the front of the boat for casting, along with storage compartments to keep fishing gear or other items organized and easily accessible.

  3. Lean seat plus storage: Features a lean seat, which is often a leaning post-style seat, providing a comfortable spot for anglers to lean against while fishing. Additionally, it includes storage space underneath for storing tackle or other equipment.

  4. 150Lt underfloor fuel: Indicates the presence of a 150-liter fuel tank located beneath the boat's floor, allowing for extended trips without the need for frequent refueling.

  5. Hydraulic steering kit: Equips the boat with a hydraulic steering system, offering smoother and more responsive steering compared to mechanical systems, enhancing overall control and maneuverability.

  6. VesselView 403 gauge: Includes a VesselView 403 gauge, which provides comprehensive information about the boat's engine performance, fuel consumption, diagnostics, and more, enabling the captain to monitor the vessel's status effectively.

  7. LED Nav lights: Features LED navigation lights, which are energy-efficient and offer superior visibility during nighttime or low-light conditions, ensuring safe navigation on the water.

  8. Blue LED courtesy lighting: Provides blue LED lighting throughout the boat's interior, serving as courtesy lighting to illuminate walkways, storage areas, and other spaces, enhancing convenience and ambiance.

  9. 5-way switch panel with dual USB charger: Includes a 5-way switch panel for controlling various electrical components on the boat, along with dual USB chargers for powering electronic devices, ensuring convenience and connectivity while onboard.

  10. EVA Flooring: Custom logo printed flooring through out boat and cast deck. 

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