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Magnum2 - Open Boats

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Sea Jay's Magnum2 - Open Boats

The new era Magnum, traditionally a dinghy with two thwarts seats was a standard requirement, now a dinghy to meet our changing times.

The Magnum 2 has a 3mm bottom and 2.5mm plate sides as standard, the traditional two thwart seats are still featured, however a part cast platform is fitted off the front thwart seat. An anchorwell (plastic with drain) is a practical addition in the front deck, as well as a wide

Hull Construction Material : Aluminium
Length : Available in 4.0m, 4.25m and 4.4m. M / 0.000 feet
Passenger capacity : 4.0m, 4.25m and 4.4m - 4 people


1279-Sea Jay Magnum2 - Specs.pdf